Where can I have my fortunes told for free?

Q: Is there a site where I could have my fortunes told for free?

A: Love? Romance? Financial Success? What does YOUR future hold? The Magic Coffee Mug knows all and tells all!

How do I get a girl to go down on me?

Q: How do I get a girl to go down on me?

A: Go down on her first.

Where can I safely download software?

Q: When I use a search engine to look for free programs, I get a lot of results but I have no idea which are safe to download and which are just going to infect my computer. How do I tell which is which?

A: Go to download.com and do your search there. The programs they feature have been reviewed by cnet and/or by users like you and me. Many are free and those that are not usually offer a free trial period.

How do I save pictures off a website?

Q: I sometimes see a picture on a website that I want to save. How do I do that?

A: You right-click on it. Press the right button on your mouse. Choices will appear -- pick Save... If nothing happens, then the site's owner has disabled right-clicking -- he doesn't want you to steal his pictures!

Where is your contact form?

Q: Why does your contact form keep disappearing?

A: I get a lot of inquiries from strangers when I post a contact form. This can be fun except when I'm swamped with other more important duties, so I take it down to keep messages from accumulating.

Sorry I can't be on-call 24/7. If the form is not there, come back another time. If it's up, that means I'm ready to respond promptly.