Disable Error Reporting in Internet Explorer

Q: Internet Explorer always crashes on me and when it does, there's a message asking me whether I want to "Send Error Report" to Microsoft. I want to click "Don't Send" every time because I don't ever want to send a information to Microsoft, but sometimes I accidentally click the wrong button. Now what?

A: Now Microsoft has the information you were working on when the program crashed, be it Internet Explorer, Word, Excel or any thing Bill Gates had a hand in developing.

To prevent mistakingly clicking on the wrong button, disable Error Reporting altogether!

1. Click Start in the lower-left of your screen.
2. Right-Click My Computer and Choose Properties.
3. Click the Advanced Tab, then Error Reporting.
4. Disable Error Reporting.

If for some insane reason you only want to disable it for certain programs, click Enable Error Reporting and Choose Programs.