Are banks open today? July 3, 2009 (Friday)

Q: Are banks open today? It's July 3, 2009 (Friday), the day before the 4th of July weekend.

A: Yes! Most banks have regular business hours today, the day before July 4 (Saturday). But just to be 100% sure call before going.

It's the post offices that will be closing early today. Most will close at 3 PM, a few as early as 12 noon. But there will be at least one in the general area that will have regular hours. Your local branch should have a sign on the door telling you where the nearest location is. Call ahead to make sure!

Who's the highest-paid person in the White House?

Q: Who's the highest-paid person in the White House?

A: You mean, aside from the president who earns $400,000 a year and Vice President Joe Biden who earns $227,300 a year?

Unexpectedly, the highest paid employee at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is NOT senior adviser David Axelrod, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, press secretary Robert Gibbs or Obama's head speechwriter Jon Favreau, although each of them does make $172,000.

David Marcozzi, the Director of Public Health Policy, earns more with a salary of $192,934 a year. He's the highest-paid person in the White House.

Other salaries of White House employees

— $102,000 salary of Reggie Love, the president's personal aide and "body man"
— $113,000 salary of Desiree Rogers, the White House social secretary
— $84,000 salary of Catherine Lelyveld, press secretary to First Lady Michelle Obama,
— $36,000 salary of Darienne Page, the White House receptionist