How to Remove or Hide the NavBar on Blogger?

Question: How do you remove or at least hide the navbar strip that appears on top of blogs hosted by Blogger on blogspot?

Answer: Below are instructions for widgetized Blogger blogs. The steps might be different if you're using a Classic template.

Under the LAYOUT tab, click on Edit HTML tab to view the template’s HTML code.

Search for the following line of code:


Before that line, add in the following line:

#navbar { display: none; }

*Don't forget to click on SAVE TEMPLATE.

Who is Obama's Manufacturing Czar?

Q: Who was appointed by Obama to be his manufacturing czar and what is the formal title of that position?

A: On September 7, 2009, the president of the United States announced that Ron Bloom would be his Senior Counselor for Manufacturing Policy. Because this position does not require Senate confirmation, the media dubbed him Obama's newest czar, the Manufacturing Czar.

For a list of other advisers to the president considered czars (appointed by the executive branch and not needing the confirmation of the legislation branch), see here.

Namecheap Coupon Codes?

Q: Do you have coupon codes I can use with NameCheap? Either for hosting or for buying domain names?

A: Yes, I'm also an affiliate of NameCheap so of course I'm overflowing with coupon codes. I can vouch for their domain sales process (prices are good, very few problems), but I don't have a hosting account with them, so I can't vouch for that aspect of their service.


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Do you have Hostgator Coupon Codes?

Q: Do you have Hostgator Coupon Codes?

A: Of course, I'm both a happy customer and an affiliate of Hostgator!

To get 25% hosting, use our exclusive coupon code SUNNYINLA88.

You can also try the popular RETAILMENOT84

What I can personally vouch for is that my hosting experience with Hostgator is so much better than at GoDaddy. Performance-wise, you'll notice a difference in the speed at which your pages are served because HG's shared servers are not overloaded like GD's are.

As for customer service, HG has an added option of chat. I personally get quicker solutions on the phone and smarter ones by email, which they respond to in less than two hours. No complaints.

So take that coupon code and get thee to Hostgator!

Do you have a Moo Cards coupon code?

Q: Do you have coupon codes for Moo business cards?

A: Yes. I'm a big fan of Moo, especially Mini Cards. Here are a few but I don't know how much longer these discount codes will be valid.

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