What does the word 'mulaka' mean?

Q: In the movie W., where Josh Brolin plays George "Dubya" Bush, the actor playing CIA director George Tenet shouts "Mulaka!" at one point. What does it mean?

A: Mulaca is Greek slang that's the equivalent of the British "wanker." You can translate the word as asshole, dick, bastard or son of a bitch, depending on the context.

The more standard variation of mulaka is malakas μαλάκας. It is an interjection that foreigners in Greece pick up easily.

Former CIA director George Tenet is of Greek heritage. It is very likely George Stephanopoulos also knows what the word malaka means, and has probably used it a couple of times as well.

Which country executes the most number of people?

Q: Which country executes the most number of people in a year?

A: The country that ranks second in executing the most number people of the year is Iran.

Having the most number of people in the world, the government of China is the one that kills the most number of people.

In the United States, the state of Texas performs the most number of executions.

Who is the highest-paid reality host on television?

Q: Who is the highest-paid reality host on American television?

A: One of the regular celebrities on American Idol. Is the AI judge Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul or Randy Jackson the highest-paid on reality television?

Nope. With a new contract that's worth a reported $45 million over three years, the distinction goes to Ryan Seacrest, who seems to have undisputably earned the title Hardest-Working Man in Entertainment.

Paula Abdul hasn't yet been signed to return for the new season, Simon Cowell is in negotiations to renew his contract, and Randy Jackson is attached to the show till 2011.

How long was GM in bankruptcy?

Q: How long was General Motors in bankruptcy?

A: You mean, how short a duration of time was General Motors in bankruptcy?

GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 1 and emerged from bankruptcy on July 10. That's around six weeks.

It was five days before on July 5 that a federal judge allowed GM to sell its Cadillac brand and other assets to a new company owned primarily by the US government.

Other landmark dates in the recent history of GM:

December 19, 2008. The government announces that General Motors will received $13.4 in federal bailout funds.

March 29, 2009. Fritz Henderson takes over as CEO after Rick Wagoner was ousted at the behind-the-scenes urging of the executive branch.

May 15, 2009. General Motors declares that it plans to close 1,200 of its dealerships.

How much were Goldman Sachs' Staggering Profits?

Q: Everyone seems agog about the recent profits of Goldman Sachs How much was the number in dollars? Was it really too much?

A: Just the facts. In ninety-one days (from March 28 to June 26), Goldman Sachs made more than $3.4 billion dollars. It is the most the company has ever earned in a quarter.

The figure translates into $1.6 million per hour, $117,000 per employee.

Goldman Sachs has paid back, with interest, the $10 billion that American taxpayers gave the company back in October 2008 under the presidency of George W. Bush.

Why were Goldman Sachs profits so high? Among the reasons cited:

1. Many of its competitors are gone because of the financial crisis.

2. Goldman Sachs did a better job of guiding itself through the crisis.

3. It took great risks, and with great risks come great rewards.