How long was GM in bankruptcy?

Q: How long was General Motors in bankruptcy?

A: You mean, how short a duration of time was General Motors in bankruptcy?

GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 1 and emerged from bankruptcy on July 10. That's around six weeks.

It was five days before on July 5 that a federal judge allowed GM to sell its Cadillac brand and other assets to a new company owned primarily by the US government.

Other landmark dates in the recent history of GM:

December 19, 2008. The government announces that General Motors will received $13.4 in federal bailout funds.

March 29, 2009. Fritz Henderson takes over as CEO after Rick Wagoner was ousted at the behind-the-scenes urging of the executive branch.

May 15, 2009. General Motors declares that it plans to close 1,200 of its dealerships.