Is there a free .htaccess file generator online?

Q: Is there a free .htaccess file generator online?

A: There are many sites that can generate .htaccess files for free. The one that I've encountered with many possible options is the German site Dot HTAccesser. Don't worry, the options are in English.

It can help you set a default page... option to execute CGI programs... SSI, Symbolic Links, MultiViews, Force SSL, protect system files, specify file cache time, do ModRewrite, protect media files on your domain such as images, music and sound files, block e-mail harvesters, redirect failing urls to another webserver, Rewrite Condition (brower-dependent pages, country-specific pages), map folder to script, specify Custom Error Documents and implement automatic redirection for documents that have been moved to new urls.

Really neat! For cheap, shared hosting, try Hostgator!

Who holds the record for most Playboy covers?

Q: Which woman has appeared the most number of times on the cover of Playboy magazine?

A: The holder of the record for having appeared the most often on the cover of Hugh Hefner's magazine is none other than the Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson who has been on it twelve (12) times.

Her career in Playboy spanned between the years 1989 and 2007. She was chosen as a Playmate of the Month in February 1990.